Strömfiske Alsterån

Trout fishing in streaming water

fishing in solitude in

Glasriket/Kingdom of Crystal Småland

Flugfiske Strömfiske Alsterån
Strömfiske Alsterån
Öringfiske i Alsterån
Öring från Alsterån
Strömfiske Alsterån
Strömfiske Alsterån
Strömfiske Alsterån
Öring Strömfiske Alsterån
Rådjur vadar över Alsterån
Flugfiske Strömfiske Alsterån

About Strömfiske Alsterån & Vidinge Gård

Between Växjö and Kalmar, in the middle of Småland in Glasriket/Kingdom of Crystal, you will find Strömfiske Alsterån, a river stretch of approximately 15km.

Here you will find the real wilderness feeling with a scenic brown trout fishing in streaming water without crowding.

The fishing water is diverse and varies from fast flowing water to calmer parts.

The character is reminiscent of a nice little river in northern Sweden - Norrland, partly fairly easily accessible and partly through more difficult terrain. Alsterån is a perfect start to the trout season where there is a good opportunity to lure a trout already in April, maybe even on dryfly.


The fishing season runs from the beginning of April until October. During the high summer, the fishing can be difficult or even blocked due to water temperature and level. In times with high temperature, we recommend you check with us first if it's open or open with restrictions of time or places to fish.

In the middle of May, there is a good chance to meet the hatching of the large may flies.

The weekends in May are the only times we possibly stop selling cards.

It should never feel cramped on our stretch along the Alsterån.

Vidinge Gård pensionat & fiskecenter
Johan & Eva-Lena Philip Vidinge Gård

Foto: Alexander Hall/Glasriket AB


We who manage Strömfiske Alsterån also run Vidinge Gård, where we sell fishing licenses and the most important fishing pick. Here, our fishing guests have comfortable accommodation close to the river in rooms or apartments, food and drinks on the outdoor terrace after finishing fishing or in the cozy pub. For those who want, we are happy to arrange a packed lunch to take and grill yourself at one of the shelters along the river.

Feel free to check with us at Vidinge Gård before you come here. Especially if you plan to come during the summer or a weekend in May. Guests staying at Vidinge Gård are always entitled to purchase a fishing license during their stay, as long as the river is open for fishing.

We also offer boat fishing in the surrounding lakes, perfect for the family or group who want to split between lake and trout fishing in the Alsterån.




Johan & Eva-Lena Philip


Sat 30 Mar

Fishing premiere

16 - 19 May

Reserved for

prebooked gathering

30 March

Fishing season 2024 begins

16 - 19 May

The entire route is reserved for prebooked guests and year card holders.

Vidinge Gård pensionat & Fiskecenter
Vidinge Gård uteservering
Flugbindning i puben Vidinge Gård
Vidinge Gård pensionat uteservering
Puben Vidinge Gård
Kurser & guidning Strömfiske Alsterån Vidinge Gård

Stay at Vidinge Gård

At our guest house Vidinge Gård we offer comfortable accommodation in rooms, apartments or motorhome / caravan pitches.

You choose if you want self-catering or service with breakfast, packed lunches and / or dinner. We have a cozy pub and outdoor seating in beergarden with full rights.

Read more and book here

Vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån
Vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån
Goda vänner umgås vid grillen vid vindskyddet
Vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån
Paus vid vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån
Vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån
Vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån
Vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån
Kaffe & grill Vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån
Vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån
Lägereld Vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån
Utsikt Vindskydd Strömfiske Alsterån

Shelters & bbq areas

Along the river there are several shelters with barbecue areas, with firewood free to use for our fishing guests. We are happy to send you coffee or barbecue packages to grill yourself.

It is possible to spend the night in / at the shelters, free of charge, but let us know at Vidinge Gård so we know when it is free.

We also rent light hammocks that can be attached inside the windbreaks or between the trees, for a siesta after the lunch break.

Båtuthyrning sjöfiske Vidinge Gård

Boat rental


In a couple of our nearby lakes there is a boat for rent, with a separate fishing license.

Read more here



Fiskeredskap hyr köp i shopen Vidinge Gård
Guidning & kurser fiske Vidinge Gård

Fishing guide & courses


We are happy to help with on-site guidance, guidance or courses, by agreement.

Also for groups, companies, conferences, events etc.

Contact us for more info.


Fishing gear


Equipment such as rods, reels, tows, flies, barb-free hooks, barb-free tows for spin fishing with single hooks, etc. and a small selection of waders are available to rent or buy.